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LLC Logistic-Service Logistic center

7623 ..

Property location

Location: Podolsk town, Geleznodorognaya str. 44
((Entrance on terminals territory from the Orjonikidze str.))

    Within 15 km from MKAD on Simferopolskoe highway
    Within 1.5 km from Simferopolskoe highway
    Approx 20 min by car from Dmitry Donskoy metro station (to Podolsk station)
    Approx 30 min by public transport (bus 406, 407) from Yuzhnaya metro station (to Podolsk station)
    From Podolsk station to center:
        - by bus 2, 12, 9, 3
        - by trolley-bus 3
    Domodedovo airport approx 30 min

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Building area description

    Site total area 1,42 ha
    Building total area 7623 sq.m:
            Storage facilities class A total area 6406 sq.m.
            Office premises total area (2nd floor) 806 sq.m.
            Utility space total area 411 sq.m .

    Total building area 0.43 sq.m.

Constructional solution characteristics

    Storage facility area:
            Superflat concrete floor with an antidust covering, with loading no less than 5 tons/sq.m, 1,20 m from the ground level.
            The most floor to ceiling height 9.6 m.
            Column grid 12 x 24 m.
            Working altitude (up to truss edge) 7.2 m, 4-tier.

Storage technology

    Compound storage system;
          - Pallet, Wide Bay technology
          - Retail picking (entresol, live storage racking, production line, etc.)
    Pallet quantity 6000

Dock area equipment

    Entirely equipped dock areas
           - Quantity of loadingunloading docks with automatic gates and loadingunloading warehouse areas 9
           - Thermal screen on the gates
           - Dock levelers
           - Dock shelters


    Car parking for employees of the warehouse 18 m/lots
    Truck parking 5 m/lots

Communications, technical conditions and security system of the property

    Connection high-speed fiber-optic line E1
    Sprinkler system
    Smoke removal
    Fire alarm detectors
    Employee fire-warning system
    Energy supply transformer substation 400 kilowatt
    Storage temperature from 16 to 20C, automatic control
    Air heating system
          - mechanical inflow
          - natural air-funnel

    Heat supply and hot water come from existent gas boiler
    Cold water comes from existent network
    Natural discharge and sanitary sewer into existent networks
    Automatic dispatching control of all parameters
    Perimeter security system

Completion date

    Logistic center Logisticservice is scheduled for delivery Q2 2008.
      Building terms can be accelerated upon tenants request.
    Project revision in accordance with tenants/s requirements and normative documents.


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